About Putra Mandiri

Putra Mandiri has been one of the drivers of Indonesian cigarette industry since 1989 and will continue to be one of the best company in its class.

We produce the best quality of unique Indonesian cigarettes with their distinct taste of cloves and tobaccos, to be able to provide national and worldwide demand of Indonesian cigarettes in the present and future. Today, we produce four different types of cigarettes: kretek, filtered, mild, and bold cigarettes. 

In todays modern world, almost every part of the cigarette making can be done with machineries. From the making of cigarette sticks to the end results of packing and boxing. To cope with our production demand, Putra Mandiri owns several automated cigarette makers. We also owns several HLP (Hinge Lid Packer) machines that automatically pack the cigarettes into 12, 16 or 20 packs. However, we maintain the traditional way of making the unique Indonesian "kretek" cigarettes by hand.

Apart from cigarette production, Putra Mandiri also commits itself to build worldwide networks and connections in the hope of building beneficial business partnerships.

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Putra Mandiri is one of the leadng cigarette factories in Indonesia.

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Telp / Fax : 0341 – 835866/836080


Jalan Raya Karangpandan no.368 Pakisaji, Malang